The Rural Alaska Principal Preparation and Support Project (RAPPS) was a comprehensive leadership development program focused on preparation of principals for high-poverty and remote Alaska schools, and support for those who are currently serving in those schools.

RAPPS provided scholarships to 73 promising practicing teacher-leaders in 16 high-need rural districts so that they could obtain their Type B credential and become principals.  RAPPS offered a complete system of support for aspiring and practicing school leaders including: a distance-delivered, rural-focused cohort within the UAA Educational Leadership Program; mentoring for aspiring principals during their internship with coaches from the Alaska Administrator Coaching Project; and no-cost distance-delivered and face-to-face professional learning opportunities for all staff from the 16 partner districts throughout the year from the Alaska Staff Development Network.

The US Department of Education's School Leadership Program funded this 5-year project. SY 2012-2013 was the final year for the coaching and university cohort components of the RAPPS project. 

Alaska Staff Development Network continues to host the annual Alaska School Leadership Institute for rural school leaders.  Approximately 100 rural leaders continue to gather for this event each year.
Over 1,175 rural educators (duplicated count) have participated in ASLI since 2009.

Project Outcomes

  • 61 teacher or central office leaders completed the program and are certified as school administrators, and eight more were on track to complete and graduate by 2015.
Of this group in 2014:
    • 28 were currently serving in a site administrator position in a RAPPS district
    • 2 were Assistant Superintendents in a RAPPS district
    • 8 were in central office positions in a RAPPS district
    • 14 were certified and looking for principal positions
    • 6 were continuing to teach
    • 3 moved out of state
  • Throughout the five year project period, 15-17 RAPPS interns received coaching each year from the Alaska Administrator Coaching Project. All RAPPS UAA graduates have received coaching services.
  • Over 500 school leaders have attended the Alaska School Leadership Institute over the course of the project (duplicated count).
  • Over 2,000 registrations (duplicated count) from RAPPS district staff were received for the 29 ASDN/RAPPS webinar series offered over the course of the grant. 123 no-cost webinars were offered in total.
  • UAA has created over 15 rural Alaska case studies for use in the Educational Leadership program.