Coaching Guide

“There is not a single documented case of a school successfully turning around its pupil achievement trajectory in the absence of talented leadership”

Seven Strong Claims About Successful School Leadership (2006)

The role of the principal has changed significantly over recent years—from a manager of the school to a leader that is expected to develop the “human capital” into a responsive culture that addresses the achievement gap and improves the delivery of instruction.

Implicit in the new role as a leader are the skills, abilities, and practices necessary to collaborate with teachers, analyze achievement data, identify and set school goals, influence the delivery of instruction, and manage the change process.

The Alaska Administrator Coaching Project (AACP) was created in January 2005 to positively influence student achievement and increase retention of early career principals.  It is one of two mentoring initiatives from the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development. 

Administrator interns from rural districts have also been served by AACP coaches since 2008 through funding from the RAPPS US DOE school leadership grant.  The RAPPS packet for interns is posted below. 

More information about the Alaska Administrator Coaching Project is at

Kathy Blanc,
Sep 21, 2012, 3:46 PM