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Literacy Blocks

Implementing Literacy Blocks at Tok School
Dawn Buffum, District-Wide Instructional Coach
Alaska Gateway School District

This emerging promising practice highlights the incorporation of literacy blocks at Tok School into the language arts and reading programs over a multi-year plan. Students in grades 1
st-5th are flexibility grouped, within grade level, according to reading proficiency and provided instruction through a 4 block format on a daily basis. The literacy blocks include guided reading, self-selected reading, working with words and writing. Students in need of RTI are also pulled from non-core academic programs at scheduled times throughout the week. Since implementing this model, SBA Language Arts proficiency levels at Tok School have risen from 66% to 73%.

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Background - Improvement Priorities - Introduction


Initiation - Challenges - Sustaining Momentum


Impact - Evidence - Leadership Actions - Resources


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Kathy Blanc,
May 23, 2012, 9:19 PM