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Growing Your PLC

This webinar series explored job-embedded strategies for growing and sustaining your professional learning community. 
Over the course of the five sessions, webinar participants learned about four specific job-embedded strategies:  study groups, examining student work, coaching, and action research. 

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Session 1:  Job-Embedded Learning to Grow Your PLC
  • Overview of Job-Embedded Designs and Processes
  • Assessment of Job Embedded Practices
  • Selecting Designs and Processes to Serve Local Needs and Grow Your PLC

Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation

Session handout:

Article: Tools for Schools: Process-Select the Strategy that Works for Your Context and Content.pdf, NSDC, August/September 2004

Self Survey.pdf from Powerful Designs for Professional Learning, Easton, NSDC 2004

Session 2:  Using Study Groups to Promote Professional Learning

  • The ABC’s of Using Study Groups
  • A Seven Step Protocol for Study Group Work
  • Resources and Support for Study Groups and Grow Your PLC

Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation


NSDC Study Groups Overview.doc; Carlene Murphy and Mike Murphy; Powerful Designs for Professional Learning-Edited by Lois Easton; National Staff Development Council; 2004

Session 3:  Examining Student Work as a Professional Learning Practice

  • Connecting Student Learning and Teacher Learning
  • Protocols for Examining Student Work
  • Deciding Where to Start – Focusing on Student Work and Growing Your PLC

Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation


Survey of Assessment Culture.pdf

NSDC-Examining Student Work.pdf; Ruth Mitchell; Journal of Staff Development; National Staff Development Council; Summer 1999

Session 4:   Coaching as a Strategy for Professional Learning

  • Coaching Models for Improving Practice
  • Creating the Conditions for Success
  • Developing Coaching Maps to Structure and Guide Conversations

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NSDC Tools for Schools-Partner Interviews.pdf

Session 5:  Conducting Action Research to Improve Professional Learning

  • Understanding Action Research to Improve Practice
  • Protocols for Organizing and Conducting Action Research
  • Collecting and Analyzing Data

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Teacher Action Research-Tools for Schools.pdf