PIMRS Evaluation Tool

All RAPPS activities are funded by the US Department of Education School Leadership Program.   Part of our program requirements under this grant are to evaluate changes in leadership practices through an evaluation instrument called the Principal Instructional Management Rating Scale (PIMRS).  This scale evaluates 12 instructional leadership job functions.  

The following people have been selected to complete the PIMRS.  Thank you for helping us evaluate the impact of the RAPPS program.

-Jim Holien - Klawock City SD
-Christopher Simon - Yukon Kouyukuk SD

PIMRS (Post)
-Amore't Allen - Kuspuk SD
-Jeff Ambrosier - Southwest Region SD
-Douglas Bushey - Southwest Region SD
-Mike Gadbois - Lower Yukon SD
-Colleen Stickman - Yukon Koyukuk SD
-Robert Thompson - Southwest Region SD
-Don Warner - Lower Yukon
Download the attachment from the bottom of the page.  Print and fill it in, or fill it out electronically

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Kathy Blanc,
Jun 3, 2011, 1:29 PM