Using Formative Assessment to Support Teaching and Learning - Deb Farrington

posted Mar 11, 2011, 5:33 PM by Kathy Blanc
In this four part interactive webinar series, participants will learn how formative assessment is a process for gathering information about student learning while learning is still taking place and timely interventions and instructional modifications can be made.

In each of the sessions, participants will be guided through the key strategies of formative assessment and learn how to recognize and support the integration of assessment into instruction.

All of the activities associated with the formative assessment webinars are supported by research and link directly to successful implementation. Addressing formative assessment specifically during the lesson-planning and instructional process is the most effective way to assure students receive targeted instruction to meet specific learning objectives and become actively involved in their own learning.

Webinar Recording Dates:  March 23, March 30, April 13, April 20
How to View the Webinar Recordings

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Step Two:  You will receive an email with the subject line "Education Leader Network: account confirmation".  Open it and click "Yes" to view the recorded session.  All recordings will be stored at this site.

Webinar 1 - March 23
The Role of Effective Classroom Assessment

How does formative assessment differ from summative assessment?
How can aligned assessment tasks be used to inform instructional decisions?
Using learning targets to formatively assess student progress in meeting content standards and grade level expectations
A collaborative approach for examining student work to connect learning to instruction

Download the PowerPoint.pdf
Download the Activity Handout.pdf
Assessment Analysis Protocol.pdf
Assessment Discussion Guide with Stoplighting Learning Target Template.pdf

Webinar 2 - March 30
Moving Learning Forward with Criteria for Success and Effective Feedback

How can students have a better understanding of the characteristics of good performance?
How can formative feedback direct attention to the intended learning?
Communicating criteria through the use of exemplars, rubrics and checklists
Strategies for using descriptive feedback to prompt further learning

Download the PowerPoint slides.pdf
Sample Rubrics for Review.pdf
Work Sample for Stars and Steps Feedback.pdf
Self-Assessing Learning Targets.pdf
FA Survey 2 criteria and feedback.pdf

Webinar 3 - April 13
Engaging Students in the Assessment Process – The Key to Formative Assessment

How can students serve as instructional resources for one another?
Activating student thinking with effective questioning strategies and discussion techniques
Using self-assessment, peer- assessment and goal setting as part of the formative assessment  process

Download the FA Webinar 3 student involvement slides.pdf
Self-Assessing Learning Targets.pdf
Setting Criteria for Success.pdf
The Case for Student Involvement.pdf
Exit Slip Handouts.pdf
FA Survey 3 involving students.pdf
NEW! posted 4/13 FA Questioning Strategies .pdf

Webinar 4 - April 20
Tools for Recognizing and Supporting the Implementation of Formative Assessment

Making connections to your own schools and classrooms
Lesson planning templates and resources for instructional coaching
Peer coaching and observation protocols for engaging in collegial conversations about curriculum, instruction and assessment practices

Sample FA Lesson Plan and Activity with Student Work.pdf
Recognizing and Supporting FA. Slidespdf.pdf
FA Observation Lens and Feedback Protocol.pdf
Examining Student Work Protocol and Support Documents.pdf